Becoming The Siren of Magic

Elizabeth Messick, L.A.'s Premiere Singing Magician

“If Tom Waits and Ella Fitzgerald had a baby” - the LA Times

Elizabeth Messick, known as The Siren of Magic, astonishes and bewilders audiences with her magical artistry and her mellifluous voice. Spectacular mystery and whimsical vintage songs keep the curious coming back to see her perform at venues all around the world.

Elizabeth’s great grandfather (her Abuelito) was Concepcion el Gran, a traveling carnival magician in the hills of Honduras during the 30s. She inherited his passion for prestidigitation and illusion.


Elizabeth’s act blends themes of vintage culture, math, Spanish, and science. Magic tricks weave into her bygone-era singing seamlessly, inspiring audiences of all ages to feel young at heart!


Elizabeth is the resident weekly magician and singer at the Black Rabbit Rose in Hollywood. She has brought her magic talents to the silver screen in Marvelous and the Black Hole and has even performed multiple times at Houdini's Estate in Los Angeles.  She has performed in projects with Paris Hilton, Reggie Watts, Rhea Perlman and Snoop Dogg. 

She was a resident magician, host, and show producer at the Edison in Downtown Los Angeles. Her female magic duo, Mystiki, is the only Tiki Magic show in the history of Tiki or Magic.

Elizabeth was a student at the Chavez School of Magic and the Magic University at the Magic Castle, she has studied among the finest Prestidigitators in London and Paris. She is a lauded member of the prestigious Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle, the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), and the Women Magicians Association (WMA).

Elizabeth's performances have been featured in the Washington Post, the LA Times, KTLA, Genii Magazine, The Orange County Register, The Sundance Film Festival, Buzzfeed, Super Deluxe, Channel 101, the Daily 49er and more.

Watch Elizabeth guest on the new television show produced by the Obamas entitled "Ada Twist, Scientist."

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