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Parlor/Stage Magic:

Ideal for corporate entertainment and luxury events

Good for a venue with a theater of

30+ guests

Parlor and stage magic can be performed at any event at which you would like to have your entire group devote a given amount of time to watch a performance. Parlor shows are recommend for places such as banquet halls, ball rooms, and many other places. Parlor magic can be performed for an audience of 100 or less. Stage shows are recommended for an audience of 100 or more.

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Strolling Magic:

Ideal for large events such as corporate events and weddings

30+ people

Strolling magic, also known as walk-around magic or mingle magic, is the most popular form of magic for large events. It's close-up magic that is meant to be performed for small groups of people at a time. Strolling magic is recommended for events that don't have a stage or don't want to cut out a large chunk of time for a show. It instead incorporates entertainment throughout the evening without disrupting the flow of the events.  This entails me walking around from table to table mingling with guests and showing them 5 -10 minutes of magic at a time. 

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Close-Up Magic:

Ideal for a smaller, more intimate party

Good for an audience of 30 or less

An intimate show ideal for smaller parties of 30 people or less. Close-up magic regularly takes place on a table and utilizes objects such as cards and coins. 

The Cosmic Romantics:

Ideal for parties of 30 or more

The Cosmic Romantics is my two-person vaudeville magic show with my boyfriend, Eric Thirstin. Our show is a Magic Castle favorite. 

Combining mentalism, magic, singing, juggling, and comedy, this show will soon be a favorite of yours as well! 

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